While the OKMagazine.com editors were never lucky enough to intern at the swanky offices of Google like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson do in The Internship, we've got to admit that we have had some pretty sweet gigs. And also some not-so-sweet ones. Read on to see the staff's best and/or worst internship experiences ever (and some amazing celeb encounters that ensued), and don't forget to tell us about your own in the comments! 

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Lauren, Site Director. My worst internship ever was when I had to get to the office at a big entertainment magazine I was interning at 2 hours before my start time in order to have a desk and computer—because there was only one for all 5 interns. It was so stressful, I would never sleep because I was so stressed about where I would sit. Once, I actually sat on the floor in the library.

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Kaitlin, Senior Editor. Best—I interned at a big magazine company and Anna Wintour gave a speech to all the interns! It was my first peek at the glamorous world of New York and media. Worst—I interned for a tiny dance company and some of my duties included washing the dancers' costumes and sewing the curtains. Aside from Cinderella-esque duties, though, they did teach me how to make copies!

Haley, Entertainment Editor. Luckily I've had more positive internship experiences than negative ones, but one terrible one that stands out in my mind is when I was interning at a major magazine publishing company and a super high-up editor literally got out of the elevator once I walked in. It was just the two of us in there so I guess she didn't want to have to make fake conversation with a lowly intern or something. Also, there was that time at a different internship where I had to bring back Starbucks for 8 different people but could only barely carry 6 cups at a time. Fail. 

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Emily, Social Media Manager. My first internship was at Epic Records in their Digital Media department. I didn't have a desk (barely a chair) but every day was insanely fun. My best moment by far was when Sean Kingston came to NYC to promote his hit song "Beautiful Girls". I went to the Today Show to watch him perform on their Summer Stage, I sat in the audience at TRL (Seth Rogen was the other guest!) and I followed that up with a trip upstairs to MTV Radio, where I sat on a couch next to Common and he said, " Hey baby, can you move over so I can put my shoes down?" Best. Day. Ever.

Lea, Video Editor. I scored my very first internship at a PR agency just weeks after moving to New York City. After about 6 weeks of promoting really small bands, the agency was in charge of a big event and asked me to work. First: it was at the UN which is huge, and second Jennifer Lopez was there! To be just a few feet away from her was a big deal then…and now! 

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Kelli, Deputy Editor. When I interned at an "older woman's service mag" back in the day I spent an entire afternoon chaffeuring the most amazing mother in America (or something along those lines) and her kids around the American Girl store in NYC. We made all the hot spot stops: doll grooming salon, doll café, doll ER for lost limbs induced by scary little girls to the soundtrack of even more scary little girls screaming and fighting in the build your own doll corner—you get the idea. Because of this "required work trip" I now shutter when I see the AG red bag, avoid 49th and 5th at all costs, and vow never to help anyone brush the hair of their overpriced baby with beady little eyes staring up at me. Sorry I'm not sorry. In fact, I want to write this story one day: The American Girl Store: Everything That's Wrong With America.

Alexandra, Editorial Intern. I had the best internship experience working for a small teen website where I got tons of hands-on experience everyday. There were no coffee runs or Devil Wears Prada-esq nightmares. Plus, we had One Direction posters on our walls so it was a win-win.

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The Internship is in theaters tomorrow, June 7! What's your best/worst internship experience ever? What's your dream internship? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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