Before Ryan Reynolds was the hot A-Lister married to Blake Lively, he was a regular ol’ hot guy trying to get his foot in the hypothetical Hollywood door. And boy, how far he’s come. From playing a douche on Sabrina The Teenage Witch (trivia alert!) to full-fledged leading guy in a rom-com status, here’s a stroll down birthday boy Ryan Reynolds memory lane. Happy 37th, dude!

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In 1990, Ryan starred on a sitcom you’ve probably never heard of called “Fifteen,” not be confused with the Taylor Swift song of the same name. What a cutie.

But then later, but still before he got his big break (more on that later), Ryan was like other young actors who guest-starred on a bunch of random TV shows before hitting it big. There was that time he played Melissa Joan Hart‘s douchey date on Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

And let’s not forget he was one of the stars of the three-season long sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. He got a solid 81 episodes in of that show before it got cancelled in 2001.

But then, in 2002, Van Wilder happened. Ryan’s big break! He got to play a perpetual college kid slash “party liason” in one of the best frat comedies the world has ever seen. That Sugarcult song playing in the trailer makes it so perfectly 2002.

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But still, Ryan wasn’t too famous for the small screen. He landed a few more guest stints on shows like Scrubs:

And even had a leading (voice acting role) on the cartoon, Zeroman, for two years:

But then! Wait! Just Friends happened in 2006, when the world was finally like “Oh, cute, I could get used to this Ryan guy that isn’t Gosling.” He’s even a hottie as a fatty.

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But we can all agree that Ryan’s best movie ever is Definitely, Maybe, right? Maybe it was because ladies died when they saw him as a single dad with a tweenage daughter. Not confirmed though.

I also love Adventureland, though, where he played a douchey boss hooking up with a much-younger-than-him Kristen Stewart:

And let’s end on a high note with what was probably his most famous film—The Proposal from 2009. Thanks, Sandra Bullock, for getting him to take his shirt off.

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