Having your kid sneak on a flight seems like one of those things that only happens in the movies—i.e. Macaulay Culkin’s trip to the Plaza with his dad’s wallet. But this morning, Chrissy Teigen reminded us with a tweet that it does, in fact, strangely happen in real life… and also on TV.

Let’s explain.

Chrissy tweeted a NBC report about a nine-year-old child who stuck on a plane by himself from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. According to the report, the flight attendants figured out his misplacement while in flight. So that covers real life, right? The TV part can be summed up in two words—Stephanie Tanner.

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Chrissy tweeted the name in what we assume is a reference to the Full House episode when Steph and her lil’ sis Michelle secretly board a plane to what they think is Oakland, California. They find out, once the flight attendant makes the departure announcement, that they are actually flying across the sea to Auckland, New Zealand. Mmm, yep. Not the same at all.

Watch a clip from the episode below.

Do you remember why Stephanie and Michelle boarded the plane? It’s got something to do with DJ and her hunk of a boyfriend Steve.

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