You're probably going to go into Monsters University with really high expectations since Monsters, Inc was so amazing, and to that we say good. Keep those expectations up. But first, read our OK! or OMG?! review where we tell you what to expect from the film (hint: brilliance) and why it'll remind you of some other classic college films while you're watching.

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If you're wondering what this movie covers that the first one didn't, it's basically the prequel to the first one. It shows how Mike and Sulley met in college and what their undergrad experience was like as little young adult monsters before they made it into the corporate world as employees at Monsters Inc. And you know what? It's going to make you want to go back to college.

The movie definitely feels very Pixar while you're watching it, but because of the college theme, it'll probably remind you of a few other classic coming-of-age movies too. Like when Mike walks around the activites fair on his first day, you'll probably have flashbacks to Fat Amy singing at the Barden Bellas booth in Pitch Perfect.

And when Mike decides to try and lead a group of misfit fraternity brothers to the Scare Games victory, you'll literally forget that you're not watching House Bunny, where Anna Faris essentially tries to make the not hot sorority girls super cool and popular. See where we're going with this?

But let's talk about the lines in the film, because they are amazing. With a voice cast made up of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Charlie Day and John Krasinski (and a chilling Helen Mirren as Dean Hardscrabble), you're obviously going to have great comedic material. But  the film is also really clever. We especially loved how Monsters University paralleled real college in so many ways, like how instead of quizzing the students on things like math equations and scientifical theories, the monsters were being graded on their knowledge of what type of scare to use on what type of human kid. It's really pretty darn cute.

And last point, the name of the fraternity is Oozma Kappa and so their frat swag has big OK letters plastered all over it. Considering those are our favorite letters, we gotta give the film extra points for our free publicity. Thanks, Disney!

OK! or OMG?: OMG, so good! So clever, so cute, so entertaining, and genuinely one of the best prequels we've seen in years. It's a Disney film so of course there's a heartfelt lesson to be learned from the movie,  but adults will love it too. But, we'll reiterate, it'll make you feel old and want to go back to college. Sorry.

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