Jeremy‘s departure kicks off Sunday’s episode of Big Brother.

“I feel really bad for him—he definitely deserves to be here more than some of these other people,” says his biggest fan, Kaitlin.

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“He has been one of my close allies in this game,” says Aaryn. “But at the end of the day this game is about staying in the house as long as you can, so I’m just happy to be here.”

What a pal.

Helen, who orchestrated Jeremy’s departure is thrilled. “Yay! My plan worked again but I don’t want to get cocky because if I get cocky or I feel too safe this is all going to blow up in my face.”

On his way out the door, Jeremy tells Kaitlin he will see her soon because “two months ain’t that long.”

No, Jeremy, it isn’t.

Spencer then notes that he’s nervous because a guy has gone home from the show three weeks in a row. “I don’t want the numbers to shift too much to where we have a powerhouse girl alliance,” he says.

Alliances be damned! Kaitlin is just trying not to cry in front of the house, but she admits she has a better chance of getting further in the game without her beloved showmance, Jeremy, around.

Big Brother Judd HOH

Now it’s time to meet this mysterious man Judd and see what he will do after earning the Head of Household crown.

GinaMarie hints that some major flirting is about to go down.

Big Brother GinaMarie

“So what myself, Aaryn and Kaitlin got to do is kind of sway Judd a little bit to come on our side so we can be safe and I can get these scrubs out of the house!”

What would kicked-off contestant Nick say about his stalker straying?!

Amanda insists she needs to make sure Judd is kept in check since he’s a nice guy and everyone will be trying to influence him. But it turns out she’s talking about herself because she immediately begins hammering away at the new HOH to put up who she thinks needs to go home.

“Amanda’s really kind of getting on my nerves right now,” Judd later says. “I mean, this is my HOH! If you want an HOH, win one yourself. She might run McCrae, but she does not run J-U-Double-D.”

Oh, snap!

Judd then reaps the reward of his HOH status and shows everyone his HOH room, stocked with a letter from home and even a picture of himself from high school.

Big Brother Judd

It isn’t enough to give any real insight into his personality.

Judd uses his time to bounce nomination ideas off his fellow houseguests, including Howard, Spencer and Elissa—the sister of’s new blogger, the former BB champ Rachel Reilly!

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Judd reveals he’s leaning toward GinaMarie as a nominee, but his friends in the house think that would be a wasted opportunity. Elissa doesn’t trust Aaryn and Howard is thinking Kaitlin. Spencer doesn’t say anything to Judd, but he tells America he couldn’t care less if everyone votes off these girls’ mothers or grandmothers as long as he’s kept safe.

Judd worries about the new yet-to-be-discovered twist in the game—which viewers know is the fact that America gets to choose the third player on the block this week. He thinks it will grant the nominees some special power.

Speaking of special powers, it becomes clear that Howard is doing his best to put a spell on Candice.

Big Brother Howard and Candice

“You like me?” Howard asks her.

“Well I do snuggle with you every night,” Candice replies, noting she “wouldn’t just snuggle with anybody.”

The newest showmance pair then prove they are practically a married couple already. “Put the sheets in the dryer—I’m so tired,” Candice tells Howard after their intimate flirting session.

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Meanwhile, what would a BB episode be without stalker GinaMarie talking about Nick? He’s still in her heart, and now she wants his scent all over her skin, too. “Hopefully, we find Jeremy’s cologne and then you could smell him,” she tells her friends.

Moving on. It’s time for the Have-Have Not Competition!

This week the house is spending some time at the Big Brother Fro-Yo shop. First each of the three teams will be weighed in groups. They must then scarf down as much frozen yogurt as possible, alternating between chocolate-vanilla twist and the anchovy-habenero combination.

Big Brother Have-Have Nots

When it’s all over, the teams will be weighed again. The object of this game is to be the group that gains the most after eating as much of their disgusting desserts as possible.

The orange team is made up of Spencer, Andy, Candice and Jessie.

Green is McCrae, Howard, Elissa and Amanda.

And blue consists of Helen, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Aaryn.

Thanks to GinaMarie’s slurping skills, the blue members are Haves for the week.

Big Brother Slop

The green team comes in second place, leaving the orange team—Spencer, Andy, Candice and Jessie—on slop for the week.

After guzzling down all that frozen yogurt, Elissa teaches Howard what she thinks is an easy yoga routine.

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“I’m using muscles that I don’t know I’m going to use,” complains Howard. “I’m sweating, I’m out of breath. To add to my humiliation, I look up at Elissa and she’s just a goddess. She’s a freaking human pretzel and she’s hardly even sweating!”

Big Brother Elissa

The game quickly returns to strategy.

Amanda wants Judd to break up any possible alliance by putting Howard and then Spencer or Candice up for nomination.

But Elissa tells Judd that Aaryn needs to go home since she “is just a ticking time bomb” and “so proud of her abilities to fight with people.”

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“Definitely considering putting up Kaitlin and GinaMarie, but I have a lot of pressure to put up Aaryn at this time,” says Judd. “I want to make this my HOH, but at the same time I don’t want to piss off the majority of the house.”

So who does Judd listen to in the end?

Big Brother Judd Nominations

His gut and Elissa.

Judd decides to put up Kaitlin and Aaryn.

“The reason I nominated you Kaitlin is because I don’t think anybody’s going to vote you out,” he tells his first nominee.

As for Aaryn? “I think you’re a Texas tornado, and I don’t need your twist on words anymore,” says Judd.

Now all we need to do is wait until Wednesday to find out who America chooses as the third nominee in this week’s special twist and to see who will win the all-important Power of Veto.

And don’t forget to check back after Thursday’s show to see what Elissa’s sister Rachel has to say about what goes down on elimination night!

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