We may be still getting over the Cory Monteith Tribute episode on Glee, but one fan came up with the most sentimental tribute yet. Inspired by Glee‘s Season 3 Christmas episode  “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” where Finn names a star after himself so that he can always be looking down on girlfriend Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele, of course), a fan did the same thing. According to Wetpaint.com, Glee fan Christina Jones had a star named after Cory himself.

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With the help of Gleeks all over the world, enough money was raised to help buy the star in only 20 minutes. In an exclusive interview, Christina tells Wetpaint, “Letting people know that they could look up to the stars at night, and know that one of them was named after Cory, so they were never alone, just felt like the right thing to do. Rachel has her star and now Lea, Gleeks, Cory’s family and the Glee family have theirs.” The star named “Cory Monteith” is located in the Canes Venatici constellation, and we’re sure it will shine just as brightly as Cory did.

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