We here at became friends with Plug In Stereo, real name Trevor Dahl, about a month ago when he let us exclusively premiere his video diary from his acoustic tour with Cody Simpson. That tour wrapped, but Plug In Stereo is now back on the road with the band Before You Exit, where he’s promoting his new EP and his hit song with Megan & Liz, “To Be Wanted.” So much is happening!

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And we asked Trevor probably everything his fans want to know, from which other stars’ hair he loves and why he thinks “Netflix is essential” on a tour bus. Plus, find out which song that’s on the radio now Trevor wishes he had written (he’s famous for penning a One Direction song!), and why he thinks his friend Cody has a “good chance of winning” Dancing With The Stars season 18. It’s all right here! You’ve been pretty busy lately! What’s been the craziest/most exciting part of the last few months?
Trevor Dahl: There have been so many exciting things happening in the last few months, it’s tough to choose. The tour with Cody Simpson was amazing! It was the first tour I’ve ever done where every show was sold out, which was unbelievable. It was also so rad to hear my new single “To Be Wanted” on the radio. I was at the airport and I had just landed and as I was walking through the terminal and out of nowhere, I heard my voice on the speakers. It was one of those moments that was hard to wrap my head around. I had been working on the song for more than 2 years before I released it, so to hear it on the radio was really rewarding.

WATCH: Plug In Stereo’s Tour Diary from the Acoustic Sessions Tour Now you’re on the road with Before You Exit. Do you and the guys have a lot of bro time, and do you ever miss hanging out with girls?
TD: Haha, there is definitely a lot of bro time. We are with each other for almost 24 hours a day, for weeks at a time. We get along really well though, and my brother plays bass with me so it feels like one big family. We have been touring for almost 5/6 years and we’ve made friends all over the country. So our friends, boys/girls come to the shows sometime, so that’s always nice!

Instagram What do you do when you’re on the bus in between cities? Any TV shows you binge watch?
TD: Netflix is definitely essential. I like to watch Law and Order SVU, The Office, Trailer Park Boys, etc. But other than that, I practice guitar, we watch movies, we socialize with each other, and occasionally make a stop at some sort of attraction.

WATCH: Why To Vote for Luke Bryan at the 2014 ACM Awards We’re loving your new video for “A Little Peace.” What’s the story behind it?
: I had such a great time doing this video. Every single person in the video is a good friend of mine from Portland, and the videographers are good friends of mine as well. My friend, Peter, and I came up with the concept and we got it all done in a couple of days. In the past when I’ve done videos, we hired teams of people that we didn’t know personally, which can be cool, but I really enjoyed being able to have creative control and to be really involved with how everything looks. I feel like this video shows off my personality a bit more, and I love how it turned out. You’re known for writing the One Direction song, “Truly Madly Deeply.” What’s a song that’s on top 40 right now that you’re like, “Ugh, I wish I wrote that song!”
: “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars is a JAM, and I would have loved to have been part of the writing process for that song. It’s a perfect combination of classic and modern production and lyricism.

OK! News: Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake And More New Music To Know This Week We gotta ask you about your hair, because it’s perfect.You have like the BEST rockstar hair. What other celebs’ hair do you love and why?
TD: I think anybody that is willing to push the envelope is pretty cool. What Ellie Goulding/Skrillex did was rad. Russell Brand’s hair is pretty rockstar and I dig it.

Instagram And lastly, are you rooting for your former tour buddy Cody Simpson on DWTS?!
TD: Of course! I’m stoked for him. I checked out a few clips of last week’s performance and they did an awesome job. To be honest, I think he has a good chance of winning. The dude is a good dancer to begin with, so all of this professional training is only going to make him that much better.

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Catch Trevor’s new EP, A Little Peace, out now, and be sure to check him out on tour with Before You Exit! What do you think of Plug In Stereo’s hair? His sound? Have you seen him perform live? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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