UPDATE: Reports indicate Dr. Murray is in L.A. and will be meeting with police.




UPDATE: Michael’s doc has been ID’ed as Dr. Conrad Robert Murray.




Police said today they’re trying to find Michael Jackson’s personal physician. His car was towed from the late King of Pop’s home yesterday and impounded.


The doctor hasn’t been named, but his car may contain "medications pertinent to the investigation" into Jackson’s death, detective Agustin Villanueva of the Los Angeles Police Department tells CNN.

There is still some mystery surrounding Michael’s death after he apparently suffered cardiac arrest Thursday, and questions linger over whether medications like Demerol were involved.


His brother Marlon Jackson told CNN Michael didn’t feel well the night before, and spoke about his conversation with MJ’s manager Frank Dileo. On Wednesday night, Jackson said he was not feeling well, so his doctor went to see him. "Frank said, ‘Marlon, from last night to this morning, I don’t know what happened.’ When they got to him this morning, he wasn’t breathing."





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