And we're back with another recap of Princesses: Long Island where we talk about our favorite quotes from each girl from the episode. Unfortunately Joey didn't have any fab one-liners this time (probably because she's way too normal for reality TV, which is totes a compliment), but read on to see our faves from Casey, Amanda, Chanel, Erica and Ashlee. For these 5 gals, it was hard to choose just one…

"My sincerest apologies for being a dickhead in high school. Or for being a dickhead my whole life, maybe." – Erica, after having a heart-to-heart with Casey about how she's genuinely sorry for  stealing her boyfriend when they were 16. JK, she's not actually sorry.

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"If I were ever to get a tennis lesson it wouldn't be from him." – Casey, after being asked out by creepster tennis instructor Vincent during a casual brunch in the Hamptons. Keep it movin', dude.

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"Jeff loves to see me in a bikini. It's like slow motion in his mind." – Amanda, before a full-on makeout sesh with Jeff poolside at their Hamptons hotel.  Ew.

"He looks like Peter Parker… what's his name? Clark Kent. He looks like literally he can save the day." Ashlee, while on the phone with her dad, Hal, after (slash during) meeting her (probably not) future husband at a party in the Hamptons.

"Are you Jewish? It's fine, you'll convert.' – Chanel, to Hal on the phone, while in her mind basically planning Ashlee's future wedding.

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