Although Jason Biggs’ seven-months-pregnant wife Jenny Mollen isn’t feeling up to mingling with Kelly Ripa, Allison Williams and Sarah Silverman during the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute event held Tuesday in NYC, she’s always on his mind.

His top goal? To please the woman he married in 2008.

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“I gave her a foot massage last night,” the Orange Is The New Black star, 35, tells me. “I got this lavender-scented oil, and then I slowly took off her Louboutin and put it to the side, and then I put one big toe in my mouth…”


“I try to be romantic, but I’m not a big massage giver. It’s atypical for me to volunteer, too. It’s not like she’s like ‘oh, my feet are killing me, please will you rub my feet?’ I’m like ‘baby, I think someone earned a foot massage today.’”

Foot massages aside, Jason and Jenny have a jampacked list of things to do before their son arrives.

“We have to figure out how to breathe and give birth,” he says. “We haven’t done a thing. I brought this up the other day. Should we be doing something? She was like ‘I feel like it will just [come naturally]’ – I’m like ‘no breathing classes or do you want a doula or do you want anything?’ She’s like ‘give me the pain [medication].’ I said ‘OK’ for now, but we’re going to have to figure out something as we get closer.”

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Unlike Simon Cowell, who has said of the birth experience “I think there are certain things you shouldn’t see and that is one of them,” the American Pie star plans to be hands-on while his wife is in labor.

“I’m going to cut the [cord],” he says. “I’m going to do it all. Pull him out, and make sure his, you know, is looking good. Otherwise I’m going to put him back in and let him incubate longer.”

Plus, he’s gotten a sneak peek.

“I’m excited to meet him, because now we’ve seen him in 3D, 4D. We literally saw him. He looks like my wife. I saw a miniature version of my wife, in baby form, and I was like, ‘that’s insane.’ I feel like I’ve kind of met him. It’s like a blind date, but Googling your blind date first and going ‘that’s what she looks like?! OK, cool.’”

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Did the first look inspire any names?

“Piers, Morgan, Anderson and Cooper are all possible names, but I think Anderson is in the lead right now,” he jokes.

For Jason, the little guy’s arrival has been a longstanding dream.

“It’s totally weird, but I’m ready,” he says. “I’ve wanted to be a dad for so long, and I feel like this is going to put things in perspective for me. I thought I was ready five years ago when I first married Jenny, I was like ‘I’m ready to do this.’ She was not, and I was like ‘you suck,’ and now I’m so glad that we didn’t, because now we’re supposed to have it.”

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