Rob Thomas may be on top of the world with his new album, cradlesong, and Lyric Culture clothing line in stores now, but he also appreciates the simple things.

“I’m a green grape guy because they’re easy, they’re quick, and you don’t feel so bad after you eat a thousand of them,” the rock star, 37, tells me of his favorite snack during a Bloomingdale’s event feting his clothing endeavor.

His favorite drink?

“I like a cold Stella. Everybody needs a good beer every now and then, and that’s the best.”

The three-time Grammy winner admits he has no secret vices.

“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures,” he says. “I think you should own up to it. So if I listen to Britney Spears, I’m cool with it – I have no problem. If it’s good, I like it.”

And if he’s taking wife Marisol, whom he married in 1999, on vacation, ideally, they’re going to Kona, Hawaii. “There’s a resort there that has – even when it’s full to capacity, you can’t even tell. It feels like nobody’s there.”

What will they listen to when they’re soaking up the sun?

“The latest Kings of Leon record. I saw them at the Garden, and I think they’re one of the best rock bands in the last fifteen years.”

Get Rob Thomas’s Culture Vulture in the OK! on newsstands now. Michael Jackson’s kids/”Be Our Mommy” is the cover line.

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