He’s an ex and a very special guest. We’re talking about Justin Bieber and his showy cameo at Selena Gomez‘s major 21st birthday party. Yep, it looks like Selena Gomez didn’t ban him from the venue despite their less than steady relationship status.


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A source revealed to People that as the midnight hour arrived, the Biebs, who donned this white and green varsity jacket, pulled up. The celeb didn’t arrive in your average cruiser though. Justin, being the boundary-pushing, stylish lad that he is, showed up at the destination driving an animal-print sports car. The male singer’s friend Jaden Smith also joined the crowd.

Justin-Biebers-Car-Selenas-Birthday (1)


While Justin and Jayden definitely looked cute, (the high-tops are love) they didn’t follow the costume dress code. C’mon, boys!

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It’s also reported that Selena started to shed a few tears when she saw her ex (or is it current?) beau. It’s her birthday and she can cry if she wants to, right? Here’s the topper—the source claims they left the partay together.

At the party, Selena and her friends sipped on Veev cocktails and shots.

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