With a packed filming schedule on Grey’s Anatomy and three kids at home, it’s a wonder how two-time SAG Award winner Chandra Wilson finds time for anything else. But just like any busy multi-tasker who needs a kick-start to her day, Chandra relies on her morning caffeine.

The primetime leading lady recently partnered with Folgers Gourmet Selections and took a little of her limited free time to help out with Habitat for Humanity. “We did the commercial, had things running and the call came to see if I wanted to go a little bit further with Folgers on the charitable end," Chandra explained to OK! while taking a quick break from building a Habitat home in L.A. "I said, ‘Oh, absolutely’ because I was already a fan of Habitat for Humanity. This was a great opportunity to get involved.”

Because one of Folgers main factories is located in New Orleans, the devastation visited on the area by Hurricanes Rita and Katrina in 2005 was a wake up call to the company, who soon found themselves working with Habitat.

As for Chandra, the experience of living in New York for 20 years taught her the value of affordable living. “Moving people into home ownership is so important because you need to be proud of where you live,” she says. “It’s nice to have something new and especially when you can take your own hands and do the building, that makes you even more proud of what you have.”

Fourteen homes have currently gone up on Vermont Avenue. “That’s 14 families that are going to get a chance to know what owning something is like,” the actress says. “It’s amazing when that world gets opened up to you and you know that this is mine and it’s not going away.”

Even if you can’t help build a home, you can aid a great cause by simply going to wakeupspecial.com and submitting a commercial. For every commercial submitted and voted on, a dollar gets donated to Habitat for Humanity to help continue the process, up to $150,000.


By Jon Warech

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