While every internet user right now is focused on the celebrity nude pic leak, what we really should be concerned about is the fact that another American Journalist has just been beheaded by Islamic militant group ISIS.

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The Huffington Post and various other political sites are reporting that 31-year-old Steven Sotloff, who was captured last year in Syria while covering the civil war there, was beheaded by the Islamic group and that there is a video of it happening. Obama and his administration are working to confirm the authenticity of the video, which also may feature the terrorists threatening the life of a British journalist. This comes just weeks after ISIS released a video where they beheaded another journalist, James Foley. This just keeps getting more and more gruesome.

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The beheading happened despite Steven’s mom pleading, via video, with the terrorists to not take the life of her son for something that is out of his control (she sent a video directly to the militant group), and some fingers are pointing to the Obama administration for the murder. In the video, Steven says that he’s “paying the price” for what the President did by striking Iraq and Syria, but experts say that unfortunately this most likely would’ve happened regardless of how Obama handled it.

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