This season’s Survivor is redefining survival of the fittest – and frankly playing out more like a Revenge of the Nerds reality show.

To be honest, the only season I’ve watched prior to this one was All-Stars several years ago, and that was only because I went to Panama for the junket and got to know the people and environment a bit – and left Panama with an ever so slight crush on host Jeff Probst.

This season I’m watching intently because as I’ve mentioned, my friend Corinne Kaplan is a contestant. When the season started the split between the Cool Kids and the Geeks (aka Coda and Fang) was more obvious than former Survivor Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s embarrassment the day after the election. It was clear from the get-go who was the strong alliance (Marcus, Charlie, Corinne) and who was just waiting for their time to go (Kenny, Susie, Crystal). Yet, this game has proven as unpredictable as the cliché of the high school dork blossoming into a beautiful swan, quite as Kenny has this season.

Socially inept, athletically challenged Kenny, who hasn’t been with a woman in so long he salivates just being in the presence of the female Survivor contestants – who need I remind you have not showered, shaved or otherwise groomed in more than 27 days at this point- has risen from geek squad to lead the pack – and he knows it.

In the last couple of weeks the strongest, fittest and most seemingly likely to win have been blindsided and kicked out while the less athletic, whining bunch of people who hardly look like they could last a day in the wilds of NYC more or less Africa remain.

That said, I sadly (sorrrrry Corinne), think this game has gone to the geeks, making my friend, who I was sure attributes like her ability to go long periods without food (she mastered this pre-Survivor), compete in the challenges (she’s the spin class queen), entertain her opponents while outwitting them (she’s completely manipulative but also so quick and funny she was once on the NYC comedy club circuit) would obviously take her to the top. I think I may be sadly mistaken because the tribe is certainly stacked against her at this point.

But, if this show has proven anything yet, anything can happen, and it usually does, so maybe the million is within her grasps yet.


If you have questions or comments for Corinne, feel free to email me at and I’ll be sure she gets them – and possibly/maybe guest blogs her responses 😉 xo

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