Heaven knows, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy relationship in Hollywood.

So how do husband and wife of 14 years Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen manage it?

It’s simple says Ted, who got together with Mary after they had split with respective exes, Casey Coate and Malcolm McDowell: “We have angels on our side.”

“We were both at that point where we were thinking, ‘Oh I give up. I’ll be a failure at relationships forever,’” he said, at the premiere of his new HBO comedy Bored to Death.

“We found each other in that moment, so I think there’s a gratitude, and a sense of celebration that we found each other later in life that you don’t take for granted.”

Mary’s answer is a little more down-to-Earth.

“Aside from true love?,” she said. “Both of us are laughter addicts, and we really found somebody that we laugh all day long with.”

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