Tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2 was pretty eventful, to say the least. There was a wedding, an engagement, a 21st birthday celebration and Barbara Evans getting stuck in a ball pit. Mmmhm. Read on to see how @BabsEvansMTV would comment on each of the girls' situations in tonight's episode, "For Love and Money," below:

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Chelsea Houska is over the Adam drama of late and is in party mode this week. It is her 21st birthday after all. We see her celebrating her 21st birthday at dinner where she takes shots with her friends. But then of course there was a party foul, where Chels and co ran into Adam at a bar afterwards when he then texted her basically implying that she was slutty. Alrighty then.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: "Don't let A-D-A-M ruin ya BIRTDAY, Chelsea. Ya bein' a good ma and it's okay to get outta ya house once in a while!"

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Kailyn Lowry gets the surprise of a lifetime this week, where Javi (and Isaac) proposes to Kail at a restaurant that she used to go to as a kid. So cayute. He even says that the ring he gave her reminds him of Britney Spears' ring. "Ha! Hers was 3 carats," Kail responded. Touche. Anyway, can we just get to the part where she tells Jo already?!

@BabsEvansMTV would say: "That proposal was BEAUTIFUL, Kail. Ya lucky ta have such a great guy to be a stepdad ta Isaac. I wish my DAWTA could find a nice guy like him!"

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Leah Messer's big day is here! She and Jeremy tie the knot in a rainy albeit pretty ceremony a few hours away from their home in West Virginia. And nothing says that you're marrying the man of your dreams like telling him "This is definitely my last wedding" before you walk down the aisle. Touching.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: "Ya looked GAWGES at ya weddin'. I just hope Jeremy doesn't get ya pregnant AHGAIN so fast! Tell him TA wrap up his junk so we don't have any moah TODDLAs runnin' around!"

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Jenelle Evans drops a bombshell on Barbara this week, telling her that she dropped out of school and that she has negative $600 in her bank account since she used to spend all her money on weed (and, ya know, new boobs.) Regardless, Babs tells Jenelle that she's throwing a third birthday party for Jace at the gymnastics place and that Kieffer can come too. Then Babs finds out that Kieffer makes money by selling home-carved tobacoo pipes online, so everyone's happy until Babs and Jenelle fight about how Jenelle wants to see Jace on more than just the weekends. Basically, we've heard this before.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: "It's always tha same story with ya, Jenelle. Ya flunkin' outta school and ya broke. But I gotta say, Jenelle, I had a lot  of fun playin' in the ball pit with the BAYBIES."

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Seriously though, was Babs getting stuck in the ball pit not the highlight of your day No? Just us? What'd you think of this week's episode? What'd you think of Kailyn's proposal and Leah's wedding? Tweet us  @OKMagazine and tell us what else you're thinking on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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