The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, 39, says the most common mistake people make with their New Year’s resolutions is that they try to change themselves too radically, and wind up defeated by February. “You are perfect with your imperfections,” she tells OK!. “No one is perfect. I love my cellulite!” The outspoken trainer (who has two children with partner Heidi Rhoades) shared with OK! her thoughts on life, love and the simple changes that really will lead to lasting health and weight loss.

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OK!: What do you think of heavier role models like Rebel Wilson and Adele?

Jillian Michaels: I think these are women who love themselves and that’s all that matters. They are not running around and saying, “Hey, let’s get unhealthy.” They are just saying, “I can be confident and successful no matter what weight I am at.” I think that’s a great message to have. To love and value one’s self is the first step in getting healthy.

OK!: How important is it to your health to eat organic food and produce?

JM: It’s extremely important if you can afford it. If you can’t, the key is to choose thick-skinned fruits and vegetables instead of thin-skinned. Eat less meat. Choose dairy alternatives. Make smarter decisions to avoid a lot of pesticides and hormones — things that can make you sick.

OK!: Do you and Heidi follow the same exercise and diet routines?

JM: Heidi has a hard time gaining weight, so she actually eats more than me. She tries to keep weight on—I hate her guts! She also lifts heavier weights. I would be enormous if I did that.

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OK!: Do you allow your children (daughter Lukensia, 3, and son Phoenix, 21 months) to eat sweets?

JM: Absolutely, sure. Just in moderation. And better quality.

OK!: Do you and Heidi plan to marry?

JM: I don’t live in a fantasy world. The reality is that in roughly 38 states, the LGBT community is still a second- class citizen denied equal rights. If I should die, Heidi would lose half of everything, because we are not married. But I think we are going to take the stance that we won’t marry until everyone else is allowed to.

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