Some Biggest Loser viewers aren’t watching with best intentions, and instead use the weight-loss show to binge-eat what the contestants are being denied.

“I hear that all the time, and it’s almost borderline offensive,” trainer Bob Harper tells me while promoting CrossFit. “You’re watching our show, and these guys who have been eating the way you’re feeling inclined to eat, and that’s what got them on our show in the first place.”

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He adds, “People need to stop for a moment and go ‘wow, I’m watching these people on this show who are going through hell to try to get back to a sense of normalcy.’ I would think more about the choices I was making when I was watching Biggest Loser.”

What should viewers eat instead of downing Doritos?

“If you’re wanting something salty, do air-popped popcorn,” Bob says. “That, to me, would be a healthier choice than having any kind of fried chip. Staying away from anything fried would be the way to go.”


On the other hand, host Alison Sweeney has found that viewers are inspired by the weight-loss journeys taken by the show’s contestants.

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“I’ve never heard of binge-eating during the show,” she tells me while promoting California Almonds. “But I meet people every day who are so proud to tell me they work out during commercial breaks, or they learned to eat healthier foods from the show and have lost a lot of weight. It makes me so proud to know I’m a part of a show that makes a difference.”

How would she motivate overweight people to shed a few pounds?

“I’d motivate them by sending Bob, Jillian [Michaels] or Dolvett [Quince] to their house,” she says. “It works!”

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Talk about willpower: She even has a secret to avoid overindulging at parties.

“I eat regular meals and never go to a gathering hungry so I’m continuing the lifestyle of healthy choices,” the married mom of two says. “While celebrating with family and friends, I make a point to be engaged in conversations and while I might try a bite of a treat, I don’t feel the need to eat the whole thing. ”

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