Is it okay to say that today is the official start to fall TV? Because it basically is! Here’s what’s premiering, ending, and airing tonight on the tube:

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Love & Hip Hip: Hollywood. 8pm on VH1. Former and current hip hop stars like Soulja Boy and Ray J try to make it work with their significant others in this series premiere. It’s like Couples Therapy but for hip hop, basically.

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Dancing With The Stars. 8pm on ABC. Season 19 has tapped Julianne Hough as a new judge, Fresh Prince‘s Carlton and PLL’s Janel Parrish as contestants, and… that’s about it. There’s not even Maks to keep us going! But come on, we’ll clearly we’ll be watching anyway…

MasterChef. 8pm on FOX. The season finale will feature a panel of 50 guest judges, a chef from each state. Talk about pressure!

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Jersey Bell. 10pm on Bravo. Alabama gets Jersey-fied in this new, Thanksgiving-themed episode.

Under The Dome. 10pm on CBS. This is a major episode, in which the people of Chester Hills might get crushed, literally, to death.

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