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20th Century Fox

Since the general consensus amongst the internet and the fans is that The Fault In Our Stars in a must-see no matter how you slice it, it’s not worth writing an OK! or OMG? review this week. The film is unanimously amazing. And yes, the majority opinion is also that you will cry a lot throughout the film’s 120 minutes. But what scenes in particular are really going to get ya? Here’s a list of the film’s saddest, most emotional moments, ranked from least depressing to most. Also: There are SO many spoilers in here, so be warned.

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26. Isaac gets dumped by his girlfriend because she can’t deal with the fact that he’s blind
25. Hazel’s mom saying “I won’t get to be a mom anymore” when Hazel almost dies in the hospital at age 13
24. Augustus experiences his first time on an airplane and it’s adorable
23. Gus announces he’s giving Hazel his “Genie” trip to Amsterdam

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

22. The doctors tell Hazel she’s too sick to go to Amsterdam
21. Gus’ mom lets her face fall behind Hazel’s back when they hug in the hospital
20. Hazel’s dad whispers to Gus that she’s too sick to date, so to be careful
19. Hazel cries about her life in front of the swing set while on the phone with Gus

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20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

18. Gus sees Hazel all dressed up for their Amsterdam date and literally cannot believe his eyes

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

17. Peter Van Houten screams at Gus that the cancer is eating his brain
16. Hazel’s dad reminds her that it was an honor to love Gus

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15. Hazel recites a fake, unscripted speech at the funeral to make Gus’ parents happy
14. Gus and Hazel’s final picnic with the champagne

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

13. The couple’s first kiss in the Anne Frank house
12. Hazel accidentally finds out she’s going to Amsterdam after all
11. Gus saying “you’re so beautiful” during the first time they have sex
10. Finding out Gus snuck back into her hospital room to hold her hand when she was sick
9. The realization that Van Houten’s daughter died, too

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8. Hazel drives around alone after the funeral and cries
7. When Hazel finds the eulogy he wrote for her crumpled up in her car
6. When Gus gets sick in the parking lot and calls Hazel for help
5. Gus’ I love you speech at the fancy restaurant in Amsterdam
4. Isaac’s eulogy for Gus

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

3. Hazel delivers Gus’ eulogy to his face, 8 days before he passes
2. Gus tells her his cancer is back and that it’s spread to his whole body

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

1. Hazel crying in bed when her parents come in to tell her he’s dead

Also, every single time they say “Okay? Okay.” ranks right up there too. Cannot. Contain. Tears.

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