Between Passover and Easter, the majority of your weekend will probably be spent with your family. But everyone needs a little alone time! Here’s some TV to watch this weekend if you can get an hour or two to duck away…

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The Writer’s Room. Friday at 9pm on Sundance. Jim Rash from Community hosts the new season, where stars and writers from hit TV shows reveal behind-the-scenes secrets. The Scandal crew kicks off the first episode, which makes sense bc OMFG that finale!


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Orphan Black. Saturday at 9pm on BBC. Season 2 of the much binge-watched show kicks off, and if you’re unfamilair with it, it’s about a British drug dealer and all her clones. Sold yet?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sunday at 8pm on Bravo. It’s part one of the reunion. Porsha Stewart reveals her new boobs, Apollo addresses his legal situation and more. And BTW, @RealMrHousewife will be LIVE TWEETING the #RHOA finale for us, so be sure you’re following along on Twitter @OKMagazine and on his site, from 8-9pm!

Devious Maids. Sunday at 10pm on Lifetime. Executive Producer Eva Longoria directs the season 2 opener. 

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Lindsay. Sunday at 9pm on OWN. Lindsay talks about that infamous sex list (which she confirmed last night on WWHL!) and what it’s like to have friends who drink in the two-hour finale.

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