Holly guest roster, Batman!
Just how many familiar faces popped up on this episode of DH? Gail O’Grady, Frances Conroy, Lily Tomlin, Steven Williams! They may need to rename Wisteria Classic TV Series Stars Lane.
Thank goodness we finally know who Dave is seeking revenge on and why. He blames Mike for the death of his brother Steven. We all know Mike wouldn’t have killed a man in the pen unless it was in self-defense, like Dave said, but obviously, Dave doesn’t see it that way. How is he going to make Mike pay? Maybe rock him to death?
Lily Tomlin is a riot as Mrs. McClusky’s tarted up sister. OK, you know you want to ask: Who’s supposed to be older?
Bree gave us a perfectly good reason why you should never fix a friend up. She had Catherine’s best interest at heart, setting her up with Orson’s "college" roommate. Only Cat’s date had been Orson’s roomie in a prison cell, not an Ivy League dorm. But he was cute, so you can’t blame Catherine for hitting it so quickly. After all, it had been two years. Geez!
Ruth Fisher has gone bad! Seriously, rich widow Virginia Hildebrand is a praying mantis. Oh, she came across so nice to Gaby, inviting her along to Paris as she takes Carlos along as her personal masseur. (Pretty funny that Carlos is the master of the big O. Maybe Catherine should have given him a call! And speaking of Catherine: she and Mike? Hot new couple alert? Susan. Will. Flip. But I digress…) I’m surprised Gaby couldn’t see through the ruse. Maybe once she’s back in couture, she’ll smell out another schemer in designing clothing.
Having Lynette Scavo’s son Porter sleeping with an older woman fron the neighborhood brings the show full circle. Wonder if Lynette will go to Gaby for tips on how to deal.

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