Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she and boyfriend Tyga “need to be together at all times,” but is his faithfulness all because of money?

A source told OK! magazine that Kris Jenner has paid the rapper to “stay committed” to her 19-year-old daughter — and, of course, keep him part of the Kardashian story line.

“She knows that Kylie wants to marry Tyga, so she wants to guarantee his loyalty,” a source said.

The momager is also holding Tyga’s financial woes above his head, offering to pay off his debts. But there’s one catch: Tyga cannot drag Kylie’s name through the mud as he fights his latest legal battle with a Beverly Hills jeweler, who is reportedly suing him for $270,000 worth of gifts he bought for the youngest Jenner.

“Kris doesn’t want Kylie dragged into a court case, and she’s willing to shell out to make it go away,” said the source.

Looks like Tyga’s love and loyalty can be bought!

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