It’s officially time to change your “Biggest Fear” from spiders, sharks and that woman who eats couch cushions, to getting on a plane that disappears somewhere in the western hemisphere.

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It’s true. The world is absolutely mystified by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and rightly so. In this day and age (it’s 2014!) things don’t just disappear. They crash, or they disintegrate or [insert Lost reference here]. It just seems like someone has to know something.

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But information is limited about the Malaysia Airlines Flight—we know that the Beijing-bound flight left Kuala Lumpur on March 7 and shortly after takeoff, the plane completely fell off the radar map. Authorities from around the world are on the case, but it seems every time new evidence comes in, it is 100% debunked a minute later. Today’s reports suggest it could be sitting somewhere on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, but until a piece of that plane is found, the conspiracy theories will continue to fly.

Here are some conspiracy theories currently fluttering around the internet:

1.) The plane was hijacked by Middle Eastern terrorists. Two Iranian nationals were found to be on board and using stolen passports. If you subscribed to this theory, you’d think those Iranian nationals made their way to the cockpit, took control of the plane, turned off all communication devices and flew the plain to the Middle East. With reports saying the plane flew for 4 to 5 hours after communication was initially lost, this could put the plane somewhere near Pakistan.

2.) The plane was hijacked by North Korea. The dictatorship did it in 1969, so what would stop them in 2014?

3.) The plane is wearing a Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak. After Austin-based hardware company Freescale Semiconductor announced that 20 of its employees were passengers on the plane, conspiracy theorists rejoiced. This could mean that the disappearance could have something to do with radar-blocking capabilities that some of the company’s aeronautical hardware uses. How this is like an invisibility cloak would probably best be explained by the experts.

4.) The supernatural is involved. Friends and relatives of several passengers have said that cell phone calls went through to their loved ones. The calls weren’t picked up, but ringtones were heard, which would suggest that the phones were still on. Others said that some passengers were considered “online” on a Chinese messenger app called QQ. Conspiracy theorists are loving this one, because phantom phone calls don’t just happen without a little help from the Supernatural. You can read more about this in the Washington Post.

5.) The Illuminati did it. Something about energy? 

This is exhausting. We sincerely hope the mystery is solved soon and the passengers’ friends and families can get some rest.

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