Listen up, girls! The way to a Jonas brother’s heart is through your mom.

"[I look for] somebody who is really good to mom, somebody who likes to have fun," middle brother Joe Jonas tells OK!.

And hopefully mom has taught you a few manners as well.

"It’s really important that when they walk into a room, they don’t only greet the people they think they’re supposed to greet, but they greet everybody," he continues.

As for eldest bro Kevin, he needs a gal who isn’t, well, needy.

"It’s a girl you can talk to on the phone and it be okay that you’re not always there," he says.

All three Jonas Brothers, which includes youngest Nick, are currently single and have famously declared their abstinence with purity rings. The bands can be seen in their latest Disney flick, Camp Rock, premiering Friday; however, the choice to wear them in the movie wasn’t deliberate.

"It’s just like keeping your favorite watch on," Kevin says. "We just wear it all the time."

The three play a fictional band, Connect Three, in the teleflick, about an aspiring teen singer Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato). Described as a "rock ‘n’ roll Cinderella story," the trio helps Mitchie achieve her music dreams along the way.

"I think it’s a great movie that everyone can relate with – either with our character or Demi’s character," Joe says. "Any of the characters, really, who just want to fit in. It’s the same thing with Connect Three. You want people to understand who you are. People will relate with Demi’s character, and they’ll be like ‘I just want to be that girl who stands out.’ Really just being yourself does that more than having to push it."

By Valerie Nome

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