Katie Leclerc looked stunning on the red carpet of The Lone Ranger premiere at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, Calif. on Saturday. The Switched at Birth star wore a Michael Kors dress (that she totally got half off at Nordstrom Rack—love here even more for admitting it!) and updated us on what to expect from her character Daphne this season. But her biggest reveal? Katie had actually auditioned for a role in The Lone Ranger. Who knew? We'll let her tell you all about it…

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OK!: What can we expect from Daphne on Switched this season?
Katie Leclerc:
Steamy, steamy, steamy scenes. We’ve amped up the excitement as far as the boyfriends go. I love it. I love my love interest this season—Matt Kane. He’s a great guy, really sweet, and who doesn’t love a British accent?

OK!: You all have some heavy scenes on your show, do you do anything to break up the mood?

KL: Oh, absolutely. I’m trying to think of funny things. Lea Thompson, who plays Catherine, just directed one of our episodes and it was kind of funny to see her go to the other side. We’re like, “We’re losing you,” when really she’s still apart of us, we’ll never let her go. But she was really funny. She was a great director because when she would call cut if she loved what happened she’d literally jump over apple boxes and run over with so much excitement. She was a great director to have.

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OK!: What’s one role you auditioned for that you really wanted but didn’t get?

KL: I auditioned for The Lone Ranger in fact. I did not get it. I was definitely too young for it but it was definitely a cool audition and my dad is a huge Lone Ranger fan so I brought him with me to the premiere. Even when I got the audition he was like, “Oh my God, I hope you get it!” It was cool to audition!

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OK!: You mentioned you're a bargain shopper, but what has been your favorite fashion find recently?

KL: I got a pair of Cole Haan shoes and they kind of look like clown shoes because they’re bright red and bright blue and all kinds of crazy colors but they’re the wingtip kind of look and I think they’re going to be really fun for summer.

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