It looks like Ashley Samson, the former friend of Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel who blabbed to a tabloid in November about the golfer’s affair with the NYC club promoter and started a landslide of raunchy revelations and a parade of women claiming Biblical knowledge of Tiger, is now upset with her onetime pal and says she’s considering suing Rachel “for trashing my name.”

In a new interview with Radar Online (via Popeater), Vegas party girl Ashley says that Rachel “has made my life hell… I have been attacked by fans of Tiger Woods and friends of mine even are basically upset because she made me out to look like the bad guy when in fact the truth is he’s the one that was cheating on his wife.”


Part of what Ashley claims to find so aggravating are Rachel’s claims that the two were not even acquaintances. “There are clearly photographs of us,” Ashley says, pointing out published pics of her and Rachel partying in Spain.

Regardless, she’s sticking by her story: “I’ve been offered lots of money to deny my story, but I chose not to take the money because the truth is the truth.”

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