Kenya Moore is a well-known former Miss USA (1993), and stars in the Bravo smash series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The wickedly popular reality TV star is not shy when it comes to sharing her life on social media for her fans. There are legions upon legions of pics that could have made the cut of this essential 35.

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She’s also a giant of entrepreneurship, what with her successful haircare line, creatively titled Kenya Moore Haircare.

Her social media account gives us insight and almost a backstage, behind-the-scenes look at the life of one of the Atlanta Housewives.

Kenya has celebrity friends and even celebrity chef pals. The social media forum is a fantastic means for sharing photos of her and those folks, but especially announcing to the world that she is expecting with her main man, Marc Daly. Who doesn’t love selfies with baby bumps?!

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Even better than that? How about a 4D video of her ultrasound! The first look at the future little one for Kenya and Marc. Cue the awws…

Another thing about Kenya that draws so many to her Instagram home (she has 1.3 million followers) is that she is inspirational. Kenya seeks to spread the goodness in people. That, almost more than anything, emerges from her social media profile and explains why legions hang on her every word and move.

Sit back, and get ready to explore the 35 essential snaps from the Kenya Moore Instagram page with its bounty of both beauty and brains. This is one shrewd lady.

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