“Taylor Swift’s boobs are bigger than my future,” is what one fan @SacredOasis13 wrote on her Twitter feed on December 20, 2017. Apparently, she wasn’t alone in thinking that America’s favorite wholesome princess wasn’t quite so wholesome anymore. Searches for the “Taylor Swift boob job” were on the rise as the star was spotted out and about with a larger rack possibly due to plastic surgery.

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Taylor Swift Boob Job 2017 New York

As the chart-topper changed her image over the years, her body or should we say boobs underwent their own change. Taylor entered the music scene as a Country teen spilling her diary into her heart-felt lyrics. She was awkward and cute. Then, seemingly overnight something happened. Gone were the days of floral dresses and blonde ringlets.

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Taylor’s reputation changed and so did her boobs. Keep reading to follow the timeline of Taylor’s boob-olution.



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