Sure we’ve all heard of the pickles and ice cream pregnancy craving, but celebrity pregnancy food cravings run a bit more exotic. From truffle risotto to broccoli and lentils, celebrity moms share the strange food cravings that got them through a long nine months. In fact, one celebrity mom said the urge to chug an entire carton of almond milk is what tipped her off that she was pregnant. Blake Lively said she craved the traditional pickles and ice cream … but it had to be organic, hand-churned ice cream and small-batch pickles, of course.

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Most celebrities follow strict diets to keep their bodies in camera-ready shape, and Zoe Saldana admitted that she actually enjoyed being able to indulge in food without worrying about weight gain. While celebrity moms Pink and Alicia Keys confessed they craved sweets while pregnant, Mila Kunis’ said her cravings went the other direction. She said she craved smelly sauerkraut throughout her pregnancy! Poor Ashton. 

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From Jessica Alba to Khloe Kardashian, check out the craziest celebrity pregnancy food cravings!

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