Amber Rose once broke the internet when she posted a racy pic of her lounging on stairs nude from the waist down. Kim Kardashian’s butt may have had its own superpower, but Amber’s frontside side was a superhero. Showing off her well-oiled nude body was supposedly for a good cause—women’s empowerment. Yet, as quickly as the pic was posted, it was taken down. In fact, every racy snap from the model-turned-actress’s Instagram was deleted. The days of Amber Rose’s sexy Instagram pics are over. Amber wants fans to say “hello” to a new “rose” whose Instagram is more Disney than Playboy.

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Amber Rose Sexy Instagram, Slut Walk

You can blame it on Taylor Swift. When Amber’s son, Sebastian, was five-years old he was a fan of the pop star. Amber posted a video of Sebastian opening a gift from Taylor. Unfortunately, Internet trolls were quick to criticize Sebastian’s choice of music. Yet, Mama Rose was having none of it. Before deleting her account, Amber shot back at anyone who thought they could make fun of her son and get away with it. She ended her note (that was heavy with four-letter words) with this, “P.S. My son just got accepted into the most prestigious private school in Los Angeles because he’s smart as f**k and creative as f**k like his parents.” Then, she deleted her account and unfollowed everyone.

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Amber Rose Sexy Instagram- Slut Sweatshirt

Yet, even Amber can’t stay away from social media for too long. Months after deleting her account she resurfaced. Only, her second time around was suspiciously different. Gone were her full-frontal nude shots. This time, Amber was playing in the backyard, pumpkin picking, and coordinating face painting with looks with her son. If the world didn’t realize it before, Amber was making sure that they understood that she was a new woman. Sure, she might walk around in a “slut” hoodie every now and then, but first and foremost she’s a proud mama.

Do you think the days of Amber Rose sexy Instagram nude photos are over? Or, will this newly reformed mama will find it hard to stick to her prude ways?




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