We’re “coming clean!” It’s been nearly 16 years since Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County premiere on MTV and forever changed the way we think about reality TV (and southern California for that matter).

Airing for three seasons, the highly produced docu-series focused on the dramatic personal lives of several trendy and wealthy students attending Laguna Beach High School in southern California.

The series was originally narrated by Lauren Conrad, better known as L.C., as she navigated through her senior year of high school. In the first season, we saw her confront her romantic feelings for best friend Stephen Colletti and sparring with her junior class nemesis Kristin Cavallari. Hello love triangle!

By the second season, Cavallari took over as narrator and queen bee of Laguna.


Flash forward to August 2020, when exes Cavallari and Colletti reunited for a night out in the affluent beach town, sending fans of the guilty pleasure series into a social media frenzy. In a photo posted to Instagram by the Very Cavallari star, the high school sweethearts were seen cuddled up together with the caption “2004 or 2020?!”

Since we still can’t get over all the nostalgic feels, we decided to revisit the MTV series.
Scroll through the gallery below to see where the cast of Laguna Beach is now.

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