She’s the girl next door! She’s the best friend you wish you had! Sure, Taylor Swift‘s got some haters, but as she taught us, the “hater’s gonna hate hate hate…” Say what you will about T-Swift—she has been fairly reliable about her brand. She wears T-shirts and sits on the bleachers. She wistfully cries, letting the tears fall on her guitar!

And even as the pop star has grown into her sensuality over the years, she has still stood by a statement that she made years ago—she does not have to take off her clothes to sell records. Sure, Tay has been known for showing off her legs a bit, and occasionally cleavage, but in comparison to her peers, she really has maintained her image of the girl next door.

But then something changed. Imagine the surprise of the world when full-frontal Taylor Swift hit Instagram for the world to see with frenemies Kim Kardashian and Kanye West close…very close! Okay, they were so close they were right there in bed with her! But all was not as it seemed. Those crossing their fingers in hopes that the girl next door had gone bad quickly notes that naked Taylor was actually naked wax Taylor.
Taylor was reportedly livid about her likeness being used in Kanye’s video, but instead of turning away from the sexier side of her that was presented, she continued to embrace her sexuality.
Though her image has continued to evolve, the way Taylor has been seen in all of her nakedness—literally—further shows that she has strong roots as a “good girl.” Even in her new music video, “…Ready for It?” Tay’s nakedness was handled with the temperament of wholesomeness—she wore a nude bodysuit that was edited out thanks to the powers of movie magic.

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