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Oscar swag bag 2018
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Feb. 26 2019, Updated 12:12 a.m. ET

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While not every Oscar nominee will walk out of the annual awards ceremony with the coveted gold statuette, no nominee truly leaves empty-handed—thanks to the unofficial Oscar "swag bag.” (To find out how you can get your own OK! swag bag, keep reading!)

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Known to many for being comprised of a plethora of ridiculously expensive and bizarre items, this year’s Oscar swag bag will be delivered the following day to the likes of Meryl Streep, Margot Robbie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Nolan, Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others.

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But here’s the kicker: Distinctive Assets has no affiliation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. In fact, it has been embroiled in lawsuits filed by the honorary organization for alleged trademark infringement. The Oscars had been officially cooperating with Distinctive Assets and giving out free gifts to Academy Awards nominees for several years before calling it quits in 2006 due to scrutiny from the IRS. Yep, no one wants to mess with the IRS.

Distinctive Assets, which couldn’t care less about all those lawsuits and tax scrutiny, has been giving out its outrageously expensive $100,000-plus swag bags—the worth of which reached a whopping $232,000 per bag in 2016—for the past 16 years now.

So who gets one? Since 2016—the year when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for The Revenant—the marketing firm has been delivering its gift bag to all nominees, win or lose, which was not the case in he past.

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Perhaps the company wanted to be prepared for any scenario that year: Leo would walk out of the awards ceremony vaping, munching on personalized M&Ms, and either drowning his sorrows or toasting his victory with Signature Vodka flowing past his perfectly moisturized lips (thanks to a tube ChapStick worth $6). A total win-win.

It may sound absurd to some, but businesses are literally lining up to jump on the marketing train driven by Distinctive Assets. After all, the swag bag is a major opportunity for companies to get their products in the hands of celebrities. The participating businesses not only donate items to Distinctive Assets for the Oscar swag bag, they also pay for the privilege. The entry level fee for inclusion is said to be $4,000, according to Quartz.

In case you’re wondering how the marketing firm delivers all this stuff—and you have a legitimate reason to wonder since fitting 40-plus items in a gift bag isn't really doable—the goodies are delivered to the nominees’ homes and offices the day after the Academy Awards ceremony. The items are usually stuffed into several roller duffel bags.

There is a caveat: recipients will still have to pay taxes on those pricey items in the gift bag. So, what's in it for the nominees this year?

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Edible jewelry and heels by Chocolatines
Source: Chocolatines

Edible jewelry from Chocolatines. That’s right, you can actually snack on your accessories (or heels) on your way back home in an Uber after a long and exhausting awards ceremony.

Luxura Diamond LX Pendant
Source: Luxura Diamonds

A “conflict-free” necklace from Luxura Diamonds. “Conflict-free” necklaces and jewelry have been trending for a while, as people no longer want the so-called “blood diamonds” from conflict zones to fall into their hands.

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Dandi Patch
Source: Dandi Patch

Underarm sweat patches from Dandi Patch. Because, clearly, nothing can be more annoying and embarrassing than sweat pouring down your armpits in a stressful situation (like, for example, sitting in an audience full of rich and famous people and waiting for the announcement of the category you’re nominated in).

Lemonade flavored moonshine
Source: Southern Wicked Lemonade

Lemonade-flavored moonshine from Southern Wicked Lemonade. Because every Oscar nominee needs to calm her/his nerves before and after (and probably even during) a stressful awards ceremony.

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young woman watching sunrise at Pwani Mchangani beach (Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa).
Source: Getty

A 12-night Tanzania trip for two from International Expeditions. Wakanda, a fictional African country portrayed in Black Panther, overlaps with the real-life borders of Uganda and Tanzania. So if an Oscar nominee wants to go search for some Wakandan vibranium, a 12-night trip around Tanzania would be a good idea.

The sun sets along Alii Drive on the beach town of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Source: Getty

A 7-day Hawaii trip at Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu. After a tumultuous awards season full of glitz and glamour, red-carpet events, and lavish spectacles, a trip to Hawaii seems like a splendid idea.

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Beautiful Woman in a white dress dancing over the rooftops in front of the famous Town Oia on Santorini, Greece
Source: Getty

A stay at Avaton Luxury Villas Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. If an Oscar nominee desires to feel like a Greek god after delivering an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards ceremony or going home empty-handed, boarding a plane to Greece may make even more sense than going to Hawaii (though the nominee can visit both places, since both trips are included in the Oscar swag bag 2018).

Relaxed woman enjoying in a back massage at the spa. Massage therapist's hands are in blurred motion
Source: Getty

A week-long spa retreat at Golden Door. Oscar nominees in 2018 have worked hard to get a nod from the Academy, so they definitely deserve a week to unwind and unplug at the West Coast’s exclusive luxury resort and spa full of meditation, relaxation, ginger cookies, and green tea.

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Source: Pepperface

Pepperface, a lightweight pepper spray. In the wake of the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood, Pepperface is arriving at the perfect time to fend off unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate behaviors.

Female patient in deltal office receiving dental filling drying procedure
Source: Getty

Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation dental procedure. You may be able to flash a megawatt smile at the camera for decades, but that doesn’t mean your gums aren’t receding. Here’s the perfect solution.

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23andMe genetic
Source: 23andMe

23andMe genetic service. With this home-based saliva collection kit, this year’s Academy Awards nominees will be able to get a report on genetic health risks, carrier status, traits, wellness and ancestry.

Dating app
Source: Getty

NeverMissed dating app, available pre-launch. Why waste your time on Tinder or Bumble when you have NeverMissed? Hint: the new dating app is about to get crowded with Hollywood stars. Don’t miss your opportunity!

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puppy eagerly awaits adoption from the animal shelter
Source: Getty

A 10,000 bowl donation to an animal shelter of an Oscar nominee’s choice and bags of pet food from Halo, Purely For Pets. Sure, drinking tons of expensive Champagne at an Oscars after-party sounds fun, but it won’t feed our furry friends in need. This item in the Oscar swag bag 2018, on the other hand, will.

MZ skin eye cream
Source: MZ Skin

MZ Skin firming eye cream and golden treatment mask. Fine lines and wrinkles are two of the biggest nightmares of every Hollywood star, but this item can keep these nightmares at bay.

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Oxygenetix foundation
Source: Oxygenetix

A lifetime supply of Oxygenetix foundation. To ensure that your skin continues to radiate the healthy glow at awards shows for decades to come.

Oranges in a wooden crate
Source: Getty

Locally-grown oranges, courtesy of delivery app EpiFruit. Who doesn’t love oranges?

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A multi-ethnic group of young adults are taking a barre workout class in a studio. They are warming up with ballet plies
Source: Getty

A memoir by Esther Fairfax about her mother, Lotte Berk, innovator of Barre. Because exploring the history of barre exercises can be a good way to spend your 7-day vacation in Hawaii while sipping on Mai Tai cocktails and enjoying a bowl of lau lau.

Skin serum and follicle stimulant from Healing Saint
Source: Dr. Jane 360

Skin serum and follicle stimulant from Healing Saint. It's been said before—every celeb wants youthful, glowing, firm skin, and this serum promises to be an effective anti-aging product.

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Source: Getty

Jarritos, the Mexican soda. Who doesn't love that 100 percent pure sugar they go with south of the border? Sweet!

Woman assisting friend with stretch after training session at gym gym
Source: Getty

10 sessions with personal trainer Alexis Seletzky. Pretty much every Hollywood actress and actor has her/his own personal trainer nowadays, but it can always be a good idea to hear an independent opinion about your squat form and technique to ensure that your butt continues to draw plenty of attention at red carpet events.

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Shot of an attractive young woman applying moisturizer to her face in front of the mirror
Source: Getty

A one-year supply of skincare program from ALLÉL. Every Academy Award nominee makes sure that their skin is picture-perfect 24/7, so a one-year supply of skincare products by ALLÉL is a bona fide godsend.

A handmade wooden box from Bangarang with 199 cards of positive actions and quotes
Source: Bangarang

A handmade wooden box from Bangarang with 199 cards of positive actions and quotes. Because no one should be overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

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Color changing lipstick
Source: Blush & Whimsy

Color-changing lipstick from Blush & Whimsy. It’s getting nearly impossible to impress onlookers at red carpet events nowadays. Most actresses opt to show way too much skin, or even stage wardrobe malfunctions to draw at least some attention. But hey, what about this color-changing lipstick?

Soy candle
Source: Charleston & Harlow

Soy candles from Charleston & Harlow. Did you know that the regular, paraffin candles are made of petroleum, a nonrenewable source that contains carcinogenic substances? Before you start freaking out, here’s the solution: soy candles. Soybeans are a natural and renewable source.

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Cupcakes and cookery book
Source: Getty

The Danish cookbook, Cook Yourself Happy. It’s no secret that a lot of Hollywood celebs don't cook. But they could learn by practicing these mouth-watering Danish recipes thanks to this cookbook. Or, well, give it to their chefs.

Two children are reading a book in bed under a sheet. Little boy is wearing a superhero costume. They are hiding under a homemade playing tent, made of bedding. Next to him, the little girl is reading a story book with a flashlight in her hand
Source: Getty

Curlee Girlee children’s book. This year, Distinctive Assets wants Oscar nominees to have something to give to their kids. Inner children will be just as appreciative.

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Three Colorful Swirl Lollipops
Source: Getty

Organic, vegan and small-batch Delicacies lollipops. In a world where just about everything, from bananas to soap, seems to be labeled “organic” and “vegan,” having these Delicacies lollipops makes a lot of sense. Let the food labeling craze persist!

A young woman applying makeup remover to the eyes
Source: Getty
jimmy kimmel

Face wash and makeup removers from Face It and Eye Love It. Ask any Oscar nominee—removing tons of makeup is a herculean task. Fortunately, the luckiest Academy Awards nominees are getting this face wash in 2018. Just in time!

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Happiest tee t shirts
Source: Happiest Tee

American-made T-shirts from Happiest Tee. Being happy has never been so easy before: just wear a T-shirt from Happiest Tee, and you’re good to go!

Weight loss supplement Hydroxycut Organic
Source: Hydroxycut

Weight loss supplement Hydroxycut Organic. More stuff to help you lose weight because looking slim, cut, and shredded is a must.

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Inception of Beauty makeup set
Source: Inception of Beauty

A 10-piece makeup set from Inception of Beauty. Hollywood and beauty are practically synonymous, so this makeup set will surely be appreciated by Oscar nominees (or their family members on Christmas).

A veteran with war medallions on his jacket
Source: Getty

Justice for Vets symbolic coin. Is this a subtle hint from Distinctive Assets that the Academy should’ve nominated more war movies this year? Either way, this symbolic medallion—featuring Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard seals—is a good gift.

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A pencil erasing the word fear
Source: Getty

An 18-minute phobia-relief session with author Kalliope Barlis. Afraid of heights, spiders, or your movie becoming a box office flop? Fear not! You can have a one-on-one session with the iconic author of Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom, Kalliope Barlis.

Le celine eyelashes products

Eyelashes products from LE CÈLINE. A-list actresses and mere mortals alike want to their lashes extended to reach maximum flutter.

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Liwu jewelry
Source: Liwu

Liwu jewelry from Ireland. No, Guinness is not the only thing that the Irish import to the U.S., and yes, they’re pretty good at making jewelry. Every Oscar nominee will be foightin’—ahem, fighting—for this gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Look Fabulous Forever makeup for older women
Source: Look Fabulous Forever

Look Fabulous Forever makeup specially formulated for older women. No need to spend a gazillion dollars on costly plastic surgery procedures and anti-aging treatments to fight wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, and fine lines when you have makeup from Look Fabulous Forever.

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Activated charcoal toothpaste
Source: My Magic Mud

My Magic Mud toothpaste, which combines activated charcoal, coconut oil and bentonite clay. Did you think that brushing your teeth with charcoal and bentonite clay would cause your teeth to fall out? Well, think again! It looks like you could soon see Hollywood stars shouting from the rooftops about the benefits of charcoal toothpaste.

Cosmetic clutch
Source: M.Y.O.

A cosmetic clutch from M.Y.O. The annual “Everyone Wins” swag bag gives an Oscar nominee more makeup products than one can carry, so this cosmetic clutch by M.Y.O will definitely help to keep everything in place. Besides, they are for appropriate for every occasion: travel, wedding, a night out, and even the gym.

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99 Creative WOWs book
Source: 99 Creative WOWs

99 Creative WOWs creativity kit. Besides acting and taking home Oscar trophies, every Hollywood star seems to have their own business nowadays. So this creativity kit, which includes a motivational quick-read business book with words of wisdom, will surely help kick-start their businesses.

Anti aging skincare from Oumere
Source: Oumere

Anti-aging skincare from Oumere. Anyone who is constantly in the spotlight wants to look young forever. Luckily, anti-aging skincare products from Oumere may be the answer to keep skin refreshed and youthful.

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Middle-aged woman taking vitamin or mineral supplement capsule
Source: Getty

Youthblast anti-aging supplement and 24k Gold Facial. A youthful appearance of the skin comes not only from the outside, but also from the within. That’s why Youthblast is giving away its anti-aging supplement, which contains nutritional antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Young woman lying down receiving botox injection in her cheek
Source: Getty

Skin rejuvenation procedures from Nurse Gigi. If neither of the above-mentioned anti-aging skincare products and supplements didn’t do the trick, who you gonna call? Nurse Gigi!

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Cleanser and mask from Paiva Aloe
Source: Michel Paiva

Cleanser and mask from Paiva Aloe. Yep, you’ve probably realized by now that Academy Awards nominees will be applying lots of stuff on their face this year.

bubbles created by a bath bomb
Source: Getty

Cruelty-free bath bombs from PETA. Because every Oscar nominee will desperately need to kick off their shoes after the big night on March 4, put a cruelty-free bath bomb in a hot tub and soak for hours, reliving their spectacular acceptance speech… or someone else’s speech—either way, everyone wins!

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Posh Pretzels
Source: Posh Pretzels

Two gourmet pretzel gift boxes from Posh Pretzels. Because everyone loves pretzels. And this is not even up for a discussion.

Mixed race girl with technology on her face
Source: Getty

AI-driven personalized skincare products from beauty startup Proven. Before you start freaking out about artificial intelligence determining the best beauty routine for you, listen up. Proven, a beauty startup, uses a magical machine that has analyzed 8 million reviews, 20,000 ingredients, and 100,000 skincare products. So, yeah, this AI-driven thing probably knows a thing or two. OK, we have to admit: robots are really coming to take our jobs.

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Detox tea from Quincy Herbals
Source: Quincy Herbals

Detox tea from Quincy Herbals. Remember all the hype about detox teas? Well, Hollywood stars may soon bring it back (that, of course, if this particular detox tea, which can be found in this year’s Oscar swag bag, follows through in eliminating that stubborn belly fat).

Quip oral care kit
Source: Quip

Oral care kit from Quip. You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, taking good care of your mouth will also keep the dentist away. And thanks to Quip, every top category Oscar nominee will have this sleek oral care kit.

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Commissioned work from Reian Williams Fine Art
Source: Reian Williams Fine Art

Commissioned work from Reian Williams Fine Art. A portrait is a great way to ensure that actresses and actors who take method acting way too far (like Oscar nominee Daniel Day-Lewis) remember who they are after returning home from work.

Rouge Maple syrup
Source: Rouge Maple

Rouge Maple syrup. Pure and organic maple syrup by Rouge Maple makes it into pretty much every Oscar swag bag, and this year is no exception.

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Bracelet with oval tanzanite stones from Safi Kilima
Source: Safi Kilima

A bracelet with oval tanzanite stones from Safi Kilima, complete with five tantalizing oval tanzanite stones.

A levitating Bluetooth speaker from Shop Modern Innovations
Source: Shop Modern Innovations

A levitating Bluetooth speaker from Shop Modern Innovations. You have to admit: a Bluetooth speaker floating in the air is quite badass!

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Multi use Gigantote
Source: The Green Garmento

A multi-use Gigantote from The Green Garmento. Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis will find this one very useful, as they both have more Oscar trophies than they can carry. Luckily, this gigantic tote has plenty of room for dozens of golden statuettes.

Tyffyn lunchbox from Vaya
Source: Vaya Life

A Tyffyn lunchbox from Vaya. You no longer have to transport your food from home to a movie set in a cheap and harmful plastic lunchbox. Now you have this stylish lunchbox with double-walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel shell that will keep your food fresh.

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Hair care products from TOTALEE

Hair care products from TOTALEE. This year, the Oscar swag bag contains a plethora of skincare products. But TOTALEE made sure the nominees have something to apply to their hair to make it look fabulous and picture-perfect, too.

On the go hydration sleeve from Wetsleeve
Source: Wetsleeve

An on-the-go hydration sleeve from Wetsleeve. Riding a bicycle or running on a treadmill to maintain your perfect body between blockbusters got you thirsty? No problem! With this on-the-go hydration sleeve from Wetsleeve, you no longer have to stop your workout just to grab a bottle of water.

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