When it comes to celebrity cars, many of our favorite stars have vehicles that cost more than what most of us bank in a decade. But it’s not all flash as some like Leonardo DiCaprio scored themselves a luxury speedster that isn’t so bad for the planet.

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With this list of the most expensive celebrity cars, our subjects earned their money in a cornucopia of genres and professions. There are actors and actresses, musicians — whose names alone transcend singing — plus reality stars (looks like those non-scripted TV shows pay quite well!), models, legendary sports stars and, of course, socialites and heiresses. (Stayed at a Hilton Hotel? You’ve helped Paris Hilton work her way into a candy apple red luxury car that debuted an historic feature!)

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Who was found behind the wheel of some of the most expensive cars on the planet? She was a 2020 Super Bowl halftime performer who finally started driving after years of leaving it to someone else — Jennifer Lopez

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