The United States Of… Sex Scandals?!

From Bill Clinton‘s steamy affair with Monica Lewinsky to Donald Trump‘s reported pay-off to porn star Stormy Daniels, the White House has been ground zero for some of the most salacious stories in American history.

Now, Eleanor Herman‘s new book, Sex With Presidents, uncovers some of the lesser-known bedroom secrets of American presidents and explores the surprising ways voters have reacted to their leaders’ shocking romps.

“Most men who think they should be in charge of this country have a lot of ego to begin with, they’re narcissists,” Herman told PEOPLE. “The danger is when you have an egotistical narcissist to begin with who, suddenly given a lot of power, will get even crazier.”


“There appears to be little difference between the thrills of seeking public power, with crowds of adoring fans, to seeking pubic power, with an adoring audience of one,” the author writes. “The same compulsions that send a man hurtling toward the White House can also send him into a foolhardy tryst with a woman.”

Scroll through the gallery below to check out four of the the most shocking revelations of our past presidents’ romantic lives.


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