Adjust your glasses and/or your computer/phone screens because it’s time to spot that baby bump! Well, alleged baby bump!

While Jinger Duggar has remained mum on all things baby, she hasn’t stopped posting suspicious looking, but unconfirmed, pregnancy photos (Just tell us already, Jinger!)

However, the reality star’s most recent Facebook photo, with her sisters, seems to take the cake in Jinger’s assumed “hide my baby bump” photo series.

In the photo of Jinger and four of her sisters the newlywed looks like she’s hiding a possible protruding belly under her coat (something definitely looks like it’s poking that coat).


Adding to the pregnancy speculation, no one else in the photo, including the strangers in the background, have on outerwear, only Jinger. #Suspicious

With Jinger not confirming or denying the baby bump rumors, pregnancy buzz has continued to surround the Counting On star for weeks!  Especially after the newest promo for the sister’s TLC show revealed that even Jinger’s sisters think she’s pregnant.

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