The road to recovery begins!

Ryan Edwards is ready to come home from rehab! Mackenzie, his wife, revealed to her friend that he’s been doing “so good” after 21 days at a treatment center. After returning home, Ryan opened up about his stay saying, “The first four days were kind of hard because I felt horrible.” As for an after care plan, he explained, “I am going to try to still talk to my therapist once a week but if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to figure something else out.” Mackenzie told him how the therapist called her when he first got to rehab and told her about his usage explaining it as a “very, very scary place to be.” Ryan told her in the car on the way back home, “I mean nobody wants to tell someone that, you had not a clue. And every morning I had to tell you I was going somewhere, where 99 percent of the time wasn’t the truth. And it doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone around me.” Mackenzie told him, “I’m glad you chose this instead of to die.” After returning home, Ryan told his mother, Jen, that since Maci Bookout wasn’t answering her phone about visiting Bentley, he was planning on showing up at her house, which she didn’t agree with.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have babies on the brain! The couple has been very busy building their new home, but that isn’t stopping their baby fever! Catelynn said, “I want a little boy,” and Tyler couldn’t stop shaking his head yes! So, the couple got the ball rolling! Catelynn told Tyler that she’s going to the OBGYN, and Tyler quickly figured out that she was lying and that she’s getting her IUD taken out. “What do you thinks going on?” Catelynn asks when Tyler accused her of lying about the reason behind the appointment. “You’re going to get that damn IUD taken right out,” Tyler replied. But he may be having second thoughts! He admitted to Catelynn that the idea of having another baby is “scary” to him.


Amber Portwood is a single woman, kind of! She and Matt Baier called off their engagement and during a conversation with her little brother, Shawn, she said, Matt is a “pathological liar.” Amber expressed her concerns over her daughter, Leah, reacting to the split  since she has told Matt that she loves him, but at the end of the day, Amber knows Leah just wants to her to be “happy.” Adding, “She just wants her mom.” The family all went out to eat and Gary Shirley really showed his support for Amber! “If you need anything,” he started to say before she replied, “I promise I’m stronger than I look!” While saying goodbye, Amber hugged Gary and thanked him for everything. Despite taking time apart and feeling good, Amber got a phone call from Matt, and he tried winning her back. Amber told her brother and mom that Matt would be willing to separate their bank accounts since over the years around $120,000 has disappeared and she has no idea why.


Farrah Abraham is on the move! She and her daughter, Sophia, moved in with her dad, Michael, along with her dogs and mini horse! She wanted to move to California before the school year began, so the pressure was on. Farrah’s mother, Debra, opened up about their estranged relationship which was heartbreaking. “My door is always open for my daughter. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her and want to hug her. It’s those little things and those intimate moments we always shred with chocolate or laughing,” she told her producer.


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