Kim Kardashian's baby has already logged more airline miles than most of us will in a lifetime, and she hasn't even been born yet, but how safe is all of this jet-setting while pregnant? With summer travel season on the horizon, The Doctors' co-host Dr. Lisa Masterson weighs in on staying safe while you're on the move.

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Limit Travel at 34 Weeks

"You don’t really want to travel after 36 weeks, but I would say 34 weeks, and the reason being is pre-term labor can start any time, but typically it’s more common around 34 – 36 weeks," says Dr. Lisa. "That’s a time when it’s really important for the baby. If women are traveling somewhere and they go into pre-term labor they are going to be stuck in a place they’re not familiar with. The airlines say 36 weeks but I think to be on the safe side 34 weeks is much better, that’s what I do in my practice."

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• Planning a Babymoon? Time It Right.

"As far as comfort-wise, you really want to travel more into your second trimester from 14 weeks to 28 weeks, it’s about the most comfortable time," she says. "You’re not too large but also you don’t have the symptoms typically of the first trimester, like nausea and all of those smells that can trigger you, that’s the best time to travel and most comfortable."

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• Fly Safe

"If you’re on a long flight you have to get up and walk around because of the increased risk of blood clots," says Dr. Lisa. "You have to stay extremely hydrated because the plane is also already going to dehydrate anyone, but with pregnant women that dehydration can also contribute to pre-term labor or labor. It’s best to not travel alone if you can. You don’t want to be lifting luggage, and you also want to make sure you’re on a pressurized airline. You want to make sure you’re eating healthy."

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• Keep a Travel Kit

"Make sure you have your pre-natal vitamins, you don’t want to leave those behind," she reminds. "Emergency numbers, make sure you have the number of your doctor in case something comes up—that's really important. Bring comfortable shoes. Your feet are going to swell on the plane and if you take your shoes off they might not fit back in, so have some slippers or flip flops in case your feet do swell. If women are going to be on a flight for more than three or four hours they might want to bring compression stockings. And make sure you’re wearing comfortable and non-restrictive clothing."

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