6 Must-See Moments From The Bachelorette Episode 8

Can you believe it’s already time for hometown dates? Before we know it one of the remaining men will be getting down on one knee! In the meantime, check out our six must-see moments from episode eight of The Bachelorette as Desiree travels the country to meet her final four’s families.

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From the snow cone truck to his fabulous family, Zak wins our favorite hometown date…ever.

This week the world not only fell in love with Zak’s family, but the gorgeous bling Des received. Even with Zak confessing his love for Desiree and his family’s sweet song, we could tell by her emotional response that he sadly wasn’t the one.

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Love is in the air and so are angels.

We definitely had to hold back tears when Drew’s dad explained to Des that his special needs daughter was truly an angel on Earth. Then after seeing Drew’s genuine love for his family and Des we lost it. Where can we find a guy like Drew?

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Bring on the baseball, family and spine alignment?

Desiree’s back wasn’t the only thing unaligned during Chris’ hometown date. While we have no doubt that Chris and Des are perfect together, we’re nervous that his family’s uncertainty could be a deal breaker.

Chris Head Shot
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Brooks is unsure about his feelings while Des reveals he is “the one”—again.  

Hmm…Is Brooks serious about Des or just along for the ride? Not only have the other three men told Des they love her, but would scream it from the rooftop. Brooks on the other hand doesn’t seem like he’s 100% ready to commit.

Brooks Head Shot
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The return of Desiree’s brother. Dun, dun, dun.

He’s back! After blowing it for his sister last season with Sean, Des brought Nathan to Los Angeles to simply tell him about her four remaining men. Naturally he did stir up a little trouble as he spied on the guys in the lobby. 

The ring didn’t mean a thing.

Zak is such a great guy, but we honestly predicted this elimination. One thing America didn’t see coming was a heartbroken Zak throwing the ring out the limo window! We know he’ll find love again, but hopefully it will be as The Bachelor!

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