Watch Amanda Bynes Curse At The Paparazzi While Out To Eat With Lily Allen

Don’t even think about calling Amanda Bynes crazy.

Only a week after her mother, Lynn Bynes, was reinstated a temporary conservatorship over the troubled actress, Amanda was spotted leaving Mel’s diner with songstress Lily Allen.

While Lily socialized with the paparazzi, Amanda kept a sweater over her head as she made her way to her car. A photographer asked the star, “Really, Amanda? Could we just talk to you for real?… We just want to make sure that you’re doing well.”

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Amanda calmly responded, “Have a great day.”

But when a paparazzo asked, “Amanda, how are you going to prove your sanity?” the actress fired back, “F*ck you!”

Watch the video above to see Amanda’s confrontation with the photographer. 

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