Life had been unusually quiet for Amanda Bynes over the past year—too quiet, it turns out. After a string of bizarre incidents in 2013 that landed the former teen star in a hospital psych ward for six months, a drug rehab center and then under the court-ordered care of her parents in Thousand Oaks, California, she seemed at long last to be on the mend.

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But as soon as she got the chance—namely, when her parents’ legal conservatorship ended this summer—Amanda dove headfirst into all her bad habits… and ended up once again in the back of an L.A. squad car, arrested on September 28 for driving under the influence of Adderall.

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While it might stand to reason that Amanda, 28, should be remanded to the stabilizing environment of her parents’ house, an insider reveals to OK! that, in fact, Rick and Lynn Bynes are the source of the young actress’ troubles. “They’re tyrannical,” says the source. “A lot of people are looking at Rick and Lynn as the good people in this situation, but in reality they’re the ones she’s running from. Amanda wants freedom, and that’s something her parents have never given her.”

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A source says Amanda has stopped taking her meds and hasn’t been sleeping. While she blames her parents for her problems, saying she just wants to be free of them, it looks like she’s little girl lost—again.

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