'Put Your Kid First!' Amber Portwood's Baby Daddy BLASTS Her Over Drug Use & New Romance

Plus, Maci Bookout visits Catelynn Lowell at her rehab center!

Farrah Abraham is gone, but the drama is still happening!

Amber Portwood is putting her foot down! After learning through social media that her ex and first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, bashed her on a previous episode and accused her of being absent from Leah’s life, Amber was furious. The pregnant reality star called her first baby daddy “two faced” since they have been co-parenting well at the time. Amber explained to her producer that sometimes she is broken and isn’t able to hold it together, especially when she split with Matt Baier. In a different scene, Gary opened up to his wife about his phone call from Amber after she heard his comments. He definitely did not hold back when explaining his side. “My point is, I can’t take a break, millions of parents can’t take a break because they had a bad day at work, because they got a divorce, that’s the reality of life,” he explained. Gary admitted to being tired of Amber’s reasons for not seeing their daughter. He even explained problems they faced in the past when it came to Amber’s struggles. “I’m always the one to be blamed for her actions. No, I did not make her do what she did. I did not make her snort a pill. I did not make her take a pill, I did not make her do drugs. I did not make her go to prison. She chose to do that when she could have stayed out,” he said. “Put your damn kid first!”

Catelynn Lowell was still seeking help at her treatment center but luckily, she had her friends and family head over for a visit! Her parents, David and April, came for family week and were excited to be there but even happier when it was over because that means it was close to Cate’s coming home date! They opened up to Cate’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, about the type of exercises they participated in and how they are eager about the benefits.

Maci Bookout knew that her friend and co-star, Catelynn, needed a visit after she found out the shocking news that she checked herself into treatment. The mother-of-three felt that she needed to go speak with her due to the terrifying situation. Her husband, Taylor McKinney, agreed and encouraged her to go to Arizona to see Cate and Tyler. When Maci arrived, the three sat down to discuss what led Cate to check herself into treatment. “So what was going on? Did anything happen? Just life?” Maci asked. Cate admitted to Maci that she and Tyler suffered a miscarriage, which left Maci in shock. Maci admitted to her co-stars that she and Taylor also had a miscarriage. Even though Maci and Taylor didn’t tell anyone yet about their miscarriage, she admitted that she was happy she opened up about her traumatic experience to let Cate know that she’s not alone.

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