Not A Fan! Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Disses Grandma Debra's Husband!

The tiny 'Teen Mom OG' star was happy David didn't attend their family party.

Looks like Sophia isn’t a fan!

“How was your grandmother’s birthday party?,” the producer asked Farrah. She replied, “It was amazing to see Grandma, Gigi, loved Sophia’s gifts and the cards! I took tons of videos and pictures.”

“How was David, was he there,” the producer asked, which Farrah said no. “Yeah that’s great actually,” Sophia happily said.

Due to their rocky relationship, Farrah and Debra didn’t see each other for a few months, so this was one of their first interactions. Farrah said it was “fine” and that she is keeping their mother-daughter relationship “cordial and positive.”

Watch the bonus clip above! Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9pm ET, only on MTV! 

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