WATCH: Farrah Abraham Confirms That She's Going To Medical School While Partying At A Club In Hollywood

Have you ever had a doctor that looks like Farrah Abraham? It’s about to become a reality for some patients in Texas, as the Teen Mom turned “adult entertainer” confirmed last night during an appearance at Star magazine’s Hollywood Rocks party at Club Argyle that she is in fact going to medical school. Farrah has said in recent interviews that she wants to become a plastic surgeon (a field she has lots of first-hand experience in, clearly), and so one paparazzi asked her specifically which medical school she wants to attend.

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“It’s going to be in Austin, TX where I’m living at,” Farrah said while happily posing for selfies with fans. We don’t believe that Ms. Abraham will become Dr. Abraham until we actually see it happening. Because doesn’t Farrah have enough going on with Teen Mom OG being on air, her club appearances, her erotic novel trilogy, her sex toys, and oh yes, her daughter, Sophia?

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Watch above to see Farrah with fans outside the club. Do you think Farrah is really going to become a surgeon? Would you want to be her patient? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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