Jenelle Evans Calls The Police After Jace Accuses Barbara Of Hitting Him

Plus, Javi & Briana go on their first date, Chelsea has major baby news, & more.

Tonight’s episode was filled with relationships, 911 calls, and more.

After a terrifying call from her son, Jace, Jenelle Evans called the cops on her own mother, Barbara, who has custody of the 9-year-old. Prior to that scene, Jenelle opened up about her struggles when it comes to mending her relationship with her first child. After attending a therapy session, she called her husband, David Eason, to let him know how it went. “It went good. She just thinks you know me and Jace need to connect more, just have a closer relationship. I told her, ‘I tried to. I try my hardest to but my mom keeps stepping in the middle!'” Jenelle continued to explain to her husband that they need to set boundaries on certain discussions in front of the 9-year-old such as not mentioning Barbara‘s name, not mentioning him moving into the home one day, and more. Later on, Jenelle called 911 on her mother after Jace called her claiming that Barbara was hitting him. “My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him. He is huffing and puffing and can’t breathe,” she said to the 911 operator. The next day Jenelle explained the details further to the producer saying that she heard Jace allegedly say that he wants to live with Jenelle at her house. She said how she explained to him that he should tell the police what happened during the alleged incident and that he shouldn’t lie. “He was like, ‘well she didn’t hit me,'” she said. Producers met up with Barbara to hear her side of the story about what happened with Jace. Barbara told her producer that she did not hit Jace, which is what he told the police.

Kailyn Lowry returned from the reunion, but still has to deal with the Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus feud. She explained to her producer that following their explosive fighting in Los Angeles, she never wanted to film another scene regarding that issue…again. Ouch! However, despite the drama, Kailyn had a romance blossoming of her very own! She joined forces with her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, and his fiance, Vee, to have a fundraiser for those impacted by the hurricane that hit in Puerto Rico and she brought a DATE! Her friend, Dom, attended the event together and they all had a blast. The next day, Kail and Dom couldn’t stop being flirty during the car ride home.

Briana DeJesus is ready to give her co-star, Javi Marroquin, a chance! After weeks of constant flirting via social media and a spicy reunion in Los Angeles to film for Teen Mom 2, the two finally started their romance. Following the reunion, Javi headed to Florida to visit Briana and her two daughters, Nova and Stella. Prior to him arriving, the mother went to get her nails done with her friend, Shirley, and she opened up about taking that next step with him. “I’ve been through so much I have my guard up, I don’t know what to expect. He’s a good boy,” she tells her friend. Shirley replies, “And you want a bad boy?!” Briana explains, “I don’t want a bad boy…I’m not used to that!” After the two spent some quality time with her daughters, the two headed out for their first official date!

Leah Messer is ready to put the reunion drama behind her and focus on Halloween with her girls! Before the candy overdose began, Leah sat down with her friend to discuss the horrible reunion drama. “As far as filming goes, that was a s**t show,” she admitted. “There was just fights everywhere…people fighting everywhere backstage, it was terrible.” She confessed that she was paranoid about being in the middle of the Kailyn, Javi, Briana love triangle. Later on in the show she was ready to get her costume on and get some treats! Luckily for her youngest daughter Addie, her dad, Jeremy Calvert, was off for a few days and could make the family outing to get some candy!

Chelsea Houska isn’t taking any chances when it comes to Aubree’s safety. Following Adam Lind’s arrest, she visited her lawyers office to discuss modifying their custody agreement and to ensure that their time together takes place at a visitation center. “Adam got arrested for domestic simple assault, he’s like..not stable,” Chelsea told her friend. She further explained that she doesn’t think that Adam’s parents would ever put Aubree in danger, but because of his drug use it still terrifies her. But putting her baby daddy drama aside, Chelsea revealed that he stopped taking birth control and was hoping to get pregnant soon with her third child, but her second with her husband, Cole DeBoer.

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