Mayte Garcia of Hollywood Exes Is Back to Answer Your Love Questions!

How much did the season premiere of Hollywood Exes make you cry? I cried three times. Mayte Garcia‘s process of adopting is heart-wrenching, and we’re so excited to have her answering your love questions every week. Read on and tune in to the new episode of Hollywood Exes this Sunday, July 14 at 8.

OK! News: Mayte answers the essential, endless love questions in her first column!

OK!: What’s your favorite first-date outfit?

Mayte Garcia: I want to be sexy, but I don’t want to be too much. So for me, it’s a nice pant with a cool top that’s kind of sexy. Of course heels—don’t wear sandals or flip flops. Definitely a no no! I’d say a nice dress—sexy, but not too much. You gotta show a little class.


OK!: Where is the best place to meet guys?

MG: Hotel lobby are amazing, like the W [in LA]. I mean for my age category, people in their 30s. Definitely not a club. Hotel lobbies and lounges, they have cool jazz things there, and the drinks are good, so women like to go there with their girlfriends. Hopefully guys know we like to do that, so they’ll be there, too!

OK!: What’s the best way to handle running into an ex?

MG: I always try to end in a good way, because you eventually will run into your ex. Hopefully if we’ve resolved and had a good ending, I would not ignore and run away. If I wasn’t over the person, I probably wouldn’t go up and say hi, but then they know. Oh, she’s not over it. But I would say hi, and show how good you look. Look like you’re doing well. Make him feel like, damn, she got away. That’s a good feeling!

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OK! How do you handle having a crush on one of your guy friends?

MG: Being that you’re friends, you should be able to be honest enough to say, Oops, I like you. I don’t know if you feel the same, but… It just depends: If you’re feeling some sort of energy with him, I think you should just say it, and if you’re not, then I think you have to back away from the relationship. Honesty’s the best.

OK!: How should you handle it if you’re dating a guy whose best friend is a girl?

MG: That is a tough one. I’d want to understand their dynamic. Maybe it’s a brother/sister thing, or is she one of those girls who actually has feelings for him, and he doesn’t. When you’re in a relationship with a guy, the guy should make you a priority, so that’s a problem. That’s a red flag.  He’s gotta not be with her. I’m sorry. I just see it as a bad formula. If I was dating a guy and his best friend was a girl, she’s there for a reason. I just don’t understand that friendship.


OK!: Do you think, then, that men and women can never just be friends?

MG: I think that they can, if there’s communication. I think that guys and girls have a natural tendency to be attracted to each other. One probably feels more feelings for the other. I know that because I do have some friends who are male who have feeling for me, and I’ve been clear: Hey, listen, we’re not ever going to be together, and if you’re cool with that, then we can be friends. But there’s always that tension.

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OK!: How should you handle a mama’s boy?

MG: It’s good for a guy to respect his mom, to care about her, but if it’s to the point where the mom’s bringing food over and doing laundry, you gotta walk away. Or communicate with him and say, It’s time to grow up, it’s time to cut the umbilical cord, lets learn how to do laundry, let’s learn to cook. If you want a relationship with me, she can’t be in the middle.

OK!: How can you keep the spark in a long-distance relationship?

MG: FaceTime is an amazing thing. Letters, FaceTiming, sending little pictures, little notes thoughout the day, and have a goal as to when you’re going to see the person again. Set little rules, like don’t go more than, say, three weeks if you can. If it’s open-ended, it starts to get depressing. I say have a goal of how long is this relationship ging to be long distance? An endpoint is always good. It’s a psychological thing.

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