OK! First Look: Renee Tells Alicia She's 'Not That F****Ing Interesting' on This Week's Mob Wives: New Blood

Last week on Mob Wives: New Blood it was suspected that Renee was the mole leaking scandalous things about Alicia to the press, and things got awkward. But this week, tensions are rising even more between Renee and Alicia. When they get together to try to work out their issues, they instead just end up cursing each other off and saying things like “You’re not a goddess,” “you’re not that f****** interesting” and “I don’t like you as a person.” Way to sugarcoat it, Renee…

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Watch the exclusive clip below to see the argument between Renee and Alicia, and tune into an all new Mob Wives: New Blood Thursday at 10pm on Vh1!

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