Red Carpet Confidential: Eve Talks Baby Plans With Her British BF, Maximillion Cooper

First Beyonce, now Kanye West … could Eve be next?

Rapper/actress Eve is ready to settle down and start a family with her British entrepreneur boyfriend Maximillion Cooper, who is the founder of road race Gumball 3000.  His net worth is $50 million!

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“Oh, I can’t wait to have kids one day,” the Grammy winner, 34, tells me this week when she hosts and performs at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. “Yeah. Definitely.  That’s the ultimate goal in life, for myself. I think that’s the ultimate blessing.”

The couple, who live together in London, began dating three years ago.

“I think we are complete opposites, and we just work,” she confesses. “I’m a black girl from Philly, he’s a white guy from London, and we teach each other different things about each other’s cultures, and just life. It fits for some reason. It’s nice.”

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One thing she appreciates about British culture are the tunes.

“His music taste is good,” she says. “He introduced me to The Clash, which I do love now, and a lot of British bands from back in the day, which is nice. Bow Wow Wow, and stuff like that.”

Another thing?

“Sticky toffee pudding is my favorite dessert in the U.K.,” she gushes.

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For now, Eve is reaping the benefits of dating the smart, successful man.

“He has taught me about the importance of consistency,” she says. “With business, being on-point. Almost to the point of obsession—not in a bad way, but making sure that the business is on-point.”

Eve recently released her album Lip Lock on her own label, financing the entire effort herself.

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